What is Yenom Fog Protector?

Independently developed Yenom fog protector can promptly reduce the on-site visibility to zero at the first time of robbery and emergencies by spraying powerful dense fog within a few seconds which significantly defeat criminals and making it impossible for the burglar to steal in the world.

Is Yenom fog protector safe to our health? What is it made of?

Our security fog is made of solid dry formula with food-grade, it adopts cold smoke technology which is developed by PLA institute of chemical protection, and has been extensively tested in laboratories and proved to be safe. It is harmless to humans and animals; it will not affect clothing, furnishings and electrical equipment surrounding. Yenom protector is non - corrosive, non - residue, and biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

How long does Yenom Protector fog last in closed room ?

The Yenom Protector fog is very dense and will stay in closed room around 45 minutes.

What about room size?

Yenom Protector Fog security generator can be used in all types of rooms from the small to the very large. YENOMFLZ103-E can fill 100 m³ area in 6 seconds.  YENOMFLRPT-602-P can fill 150 m³ area in 8 seconds.

What is the advantage and difference between solid security fog generator and fluid security fog generator on the market?

  1. Fluid security fog needs heating time and refill or must change the fluid per year, Very high-power consumption during heating and having maintenance cost.
  2. Yenom Protector solid security fog generator needs no heating, startup in 1 second, very low power consumption and no maintenance cost. Easily preserve for up to 3 years.

Compared to current conventional alarm system What can Yenom Protector fog do in the emergency?

A conventional alarm system may notify neighbours,passers by and the control center that an intruder has broken into a house or a company. It is then up to the police and the security staff to safeguard the valuables. Experience shows that it may take up to 10-15 minutes for them to reach the scene. That gives the thief plenty of time to locate the valuables and get away. Yenom Fog Protector fills the room with dense smoke within seconds, which prevents the thief from finding the valuables and entering the protected area

How can Yenom Fog Generator be triggered?

It can be triggered by POWER 12V/4A Manual activate, triggered by panic button. Manual remote control triggered by Internet monitoring center system. Automatic activate, triggered by controller, sensor, alarm etc.

Where is this security fog used for?

Our Yenom Protector security fog systems are installed for customers as network alarm operation business: such as: jewelry store, chain stores, supermarket, communication base station, server rooms, ATM’s, warehouse, museum.

Yenom Fog Protector is harmless to?

  • Human
  • Pet
  • Clothing
  • Furnishing
  • Electrical Equipment
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