YenomCODE Integrating Finance And Lifestyle Converting Human Spending Patterns Into Social Currency.

Why is YenomCODE Evolution Important?

Our Socio-economic system will provide major improvements in living standards, public welfare, health, and security.

YenomCODE Social Economic System

Our Mission:  is to provide a system for evolution
on how we view the universe and how we think
about ourselves in relation to the world around us.
YenomCODE Socio-economic system allows businesses to sell their products and services using our YenomCODE Algorithm Technology and Human Spending Patterns to match Consumers, Brands and Merchants to Cody’s

YenomCODE  provides businesses an application to increase business revenue by using our barcode generators. Our system replaces business sales model concepts that has been used for centuries.

YenomCODE replaces the standard discount coupons, rebates, awarded points offering into social currency by using people as Cody’s connecting them to merchants, and brands to promote their product and services.

YenomCODE Social Currency Our social currency creates a gateway for Consumers, Brands, Merchants and Cody’s by using our safe and secured payment gateways.
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